Thank You!

Thank you for participating in the Rio Linda/Elverta Christmas Light Parade.

For the last three years of this amazing home-grown event, organizers have funded the parade out of pocket. The astounding growth of the parade is a testament to how much fun it is, and how much the community has come to love and look forward to it each year.

Unfortunately with growth comes more attention, and Sacramento County, the CHP and others would like us to start doing things the “right” way. We’re fine with that, and we understand it, but that increases our costs and means that we can’t fund it out of pocket any longer.

If we want to be bigger and better, we’re going to need some help.

We’ve decided to institute a small, nominal entry fee of $20. This fee will cover permit fees, road barricade costs, cleanup, and other costs incurred in the course of staging the event. (We add .88 cents to cover processing fees.)