Christmas tree flavored potato chips are now a thing

We’re now in October, and less than three months away from Christmas Day.

But it’s not just overly excitable Facebook friends already counting down to December 25 – shops across the land are beginning to tease us by already selling their Christmas products for this year.

Christmas is of course a time to eat, drink and be merry, and concentrating on the eating side of things, British supermarket chain “Iceland” has snared its customers with a delicious, yet random Christmas-themed culinary creation, Chronicle Live reports.

I’m in board with prosecco, gin and tonic and pigs in blankets flavored chips, but now Iceland have launched a flavor that definitely beats them all when it comes to interesting flavors.

Say hello to the Christmas tree flavored chips! That’s right, we’re not joking.

“Christmas tree flavor chips? Why Iceland, why?”

Bethany Smith via Twitter

One of the replies read: “Wouldn’t they’d just taste like toilet cleaner?” and another Tweeter replied: “To know what flavor a Christmas tree is, someone at some point has to have eaten a Christmas tree. The thought of all those needles getting stuck in the throat makes me want to do a little boak in my mouth.”

If you go looking for some of the chips, you’ll have to take a little trip. There are Iceland stores in Cambridge, Ely, Newmarket and March, in the United Kingdom.

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